• Gym Coach Accepts Jesus

    Working out at my gym, I got to know one of the coaches. In conversation, I had mentioned [...]

  • Man Survives Being Hit by a Car

    About a month ago I met a man at a lunch our church serves every Wednesday on the [...]

  • Brad

    About a week ago I met a Brad at the dog park. I prayed for his mom who [...]

  • Gas Station Clerk

    Today I asked the gas station cashier how her day was going so far. She responded with an [...]

  • Cal

    We met Cal who was waiting for a comedy show to start.  He first professed to be Christian, [...]

  • Bob

    Bob has been on a journey towards God and reading the bible. After sharing with him what it [...]

  • Azia

    Aiza’s heart was open to hear about my faith in Jesus Christ. She believed there have been many [...]

  • Stories of Hope: Doctors

    Last evening we were having a farewell party for four Chinese doctors who are returning toChina this week. [...]

  • Stories of Hope: Healing Grace

    I was challenged to reach a person a day in the month of May. First I was overwhelmed [...]