Stories of Hope: Healing Grace

March 31, 2022

GO2020 - Stories of Hope

I was challenged to reach a person a day in the month of May. First I was overwhelmed by this task but I laid it into Gods hands and simply started on the first day. Soon enough I realized that this task is heavy to carry alone, so I asked a friend if he is willing to join me. Since then we‘ve shared the Gospel almost daily and it becomes lighter and lighter, day by day. It’s so amazing to see how God is using us, even if we are not always feeling good or happy when we go But after we started the first conversation, God is shifting something in our hearts and his love is starting to flow through us into the hearts of the European (mostly atheists) people.

One day we met a man who was sitting in the park nearby. After some small talk he told us that he has lost his whole family last year. He was lonely and in front of several surgeries for his shoulders. After sharing our testimony he was so open for God and accepted a prayer of us. After this prayer he had tears in his eyes and told us that it he feels very good now. We gave him our cell number and asked us to meet him the next week again to go deeper into it.

Thank God! May this encourage many to go out and reach people even you are in the right mood. Feelings will change, the message of the Gospel ever lasts. God bless!

-Sebastian from Germany