We are a movement

GO Movement is a collection of leaders and partners passionate about God’s people being active in sharing their faith and seeing numerous people trusting in Jesus Christ. Critical to the movement is leveraging existing resources to mobilize the broader body of Christ and seeing a sustainable Gospel movement.


Join pastors and leaders from across the nation in this season of evangelism.

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The GO Movement Exists To Help Reach The World Together. God is moving in special ways today and no one organization can, by itself, get the job of the Great Commission done. Yet, by God’s power, together we can! Many denominations, local churches, networks, ministries and individuals have already said “we will go”. What does that mean?

  • Motivating and equipping believers to become witnesses for Christ.
  • Cooperating and sharing with others to catalyze prayer and evangelism.
  • Participating in catalytic times of prayer and evangelism: GO Month, May 2022
  • Being a voice for the movement.

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